Music has always been a guiding force in my life. As a child I would hide my father’s transistor radio under my pillow.

I absorbed all styles of music as I pretended to sleep. My brother and I were always deciphering the poetry set to melody, and my dreams were filled with performances and musical inventions. From a young age I had a tremendous desire to be part of the art that is making music.

I studied piano for several years, played the drums and percussion in the school band, and was always ready to belt out another solo in the school choir. I studied musical theory and took private lessons, which helped me further enhance my musical skills.

My Influences

My early musical influences came from my parents, who listened to country acts like Homer & Jethro, as well as bluegrass, and folk music. As I grew up my musical tastes expanded to include everybody for the Allman Brothers to Stevie Wonder, the Beatles to Bill Withers, Led Zeppelin to Leo Kottke, and Burt Bacharach to Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

The Guitar Years

When I began playing guitar, I found my true passion.

I loved both the soothing introspective tones of the acoustic guitar, and the power and intensity of the electric guitar.

At the age of 15, I started playing professionally at the Tempo Bar and Lounge in Minneapolis. The gig was 6 nights a week, but it provided the opportunity to play with a ton of people including, “Detroit” Don King, country with Coleen Raye and her Patsy Cline Tribute, 50s with the Sir Brothers Elvis Show, Hawaiian with Johnny Pineapple, rhythm and blues with Jimmy Jam Harris, pop, rock. I just loved music and all aspects and styles of guitar.

Through years and years of performance and study I’ve learned what’s truly important to a performer.

  • Ease of tuning
  • Perfect intonation
  • Crisp, clear notes
  • Low action
  • Balanced sound
  • A variety of tones and timbre

These are the tools that give artists the ability to experiment and to express themselves.